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best lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

10 Best Lightweight Hair Dryers for Thick Hair

Yes, it is true that thick hair takes a long time to dry. So, most of you with thick hair are reluctant to wash hair regularly. But the hair dryer has made hair drying easier and faster now. Though a hair dryer is made to dry hair quickly, it is used for hair styling too.

In the earlier days, the hair dryers were so heavy and would take more time to dry hair. But at present days, most of the hair dryers are made of lightweight design, high power, and ceramic technology. The hair dryers now include convenient accessories too. They can dry hair faster by taking less time.

People believe that thick, smooth, and polished hair leaves someone with improved personality. By using a hair dryer you can get that desired hair. Also, you can easily minimize drying time and create a sleek or voluminous style with no frizz. So, use the hair dryer for taming your thick hair.

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Things to Consider Before Choosing a Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

There are some factors that you should consider before buying the best hair dryer for thick hair.

  1. Wattage: A dryer with lots of wattages releases more heat that dries your thick hair by taking less time. So, purchase a high-wattage dryer for your thick hair.
  2. Weight: Choose a lightweight hair dryer because a heavy dryer can strain your biceps while drying and styling hair.
  3. Concentrator Nozzle and Diffuser: Purchase your hairdryer with a nozzle for supplying direct heat to the roots and diffuser for enhancing curly hair.
  4. Multiple Setting: Purchase a hair dryer that has multiple settings for heat; high and low setting.
  5. Negative Ions: Negative ions speed up drying time by removing droplets of water on the hair. So, you can choose a dryer that sprays negative ions.
  6. Heat Distribution: A ceramic or porcelain coating hair dryer distributes heat evenly across the scalp. So, choose the hair dryer with ceramic or porcelain coating.
  7. Cost: The best hair dryers often reveal as expensive. But they can give you more satisfaction than cheaper ones. So, never choose the low-priced hair dryer.

10 Best Lightweight Hair Dryers for Thick Hair

See below for the 10 best lightweight hair dryers for thick hair. I have brought them here for you; you will find them useful to dry hair quickly.

  1. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Lightweight Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

It emits millions of natural ions to dry hair faster hereby protecting from heat damage. BaBylissPRO Tourmaline Titanium Lightweight Dryer gives you a gorgeous look by eliminating static and making hair shiny. It comes with a folding handle, nozzle, dual voltage, 2 heat settings, removable rear filter, and easy cleaning stand. Besides, it is able to create 1000w heat and go from 110V to 250V. This hair dryer is lightweight and convenient to carry when traveling.

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  1. CONAIR Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

It can produce the hot air flow of 1600 watt. CONAIR Lightweight Hair Dryer is great for worldwide travel due to its dual voltage. The dimension of this hair dryer is only 3 x 4.25 x 7.625 inches. This portable and compact hair dryer with folding handle is perfect for storage in small spaces. This small & lightweight hair dryer bears 2 heat settings. Take this nice hair dryer to dry and style your thick or thin hair easily.

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  1. INSTYLER BLU Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

INSTYLER BLU Lightweight Hair Dryer dries your hair up to 2x faster hereby retaining moisture. It creates an unparalleled efficient design with extremely high-speed airflow. The infinity airflow dial customizes airflow by rolling up and down to meet drying and styling needs. The 2 heat settings, cool shot button, and 9′ pro power cord make this hair dryer more convenient. It also comes with concentrator and diffuser attachment to maximize frizz reduction for smooth & shiny hair.

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  1. andis Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

You will get variable heat and speed settings while drying and styling by using this hair dryer. andis Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Lightweight Hair Dryer breaks up water molecules faster to dry hair with less time. Besides, it emits negative ions to eliminate frizz quickly. The ceramic technology preserves moisture to make your hair soft to touch and shiny to look. Above all, its lightweight design promises for a comfortable use to set your hair.

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  1. Berta Mini Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

Its 1000W power can meet the common needs; no matter how long your hair is. The long-life DC motor releases high power airflow to dry hair faster without noise. Its negative ionic technology gets you the soft, silky, and less frizzy hair. Berta Mini Lightweight Hair Dryer has airflow concentrator for precise styling and a cold shot button to set that style. Moreover, it has the high and low-speed button to get the flexibility in drying and styling.

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  1. REMINGTON Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

Enjoy the quite action in drying and styling your hair with this amazingly powerful REMINGTON Lightweight Hair Dryer. It has 1876 watt power and ionic conditioning for giving your frizzy hair an anti-static shine quickly. Its 3 heat and 2-speed settings act as eco option to save energy while still drying your hair beautifully. Moreover, this hair drying tool comes with the cool shot button, removable air filter, and two-year warranty. This hairdryer is easy-handled and compact for travel.

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  1. JINRI Mini Blow Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

This mini blower can dry and style your hair efficiently with low noise. JINRI Mini Blow Hair Dryer blows 1000 watts heat and provides long-lasting service. You can adjust the speed by using its high-low-off buttons. Moreover, there is a cold shot button that turns off the coils to blow just room temperature air. It has the removable lint filter to facilitate the timely cleanup. It is powerful, lightweight, and convenient to carry; let your hair love it.

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  1. Revlon Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

This lightweight hairdryer of ionic technology is dedicated to helping you to achieve beautiful hair. Revlon Lightweight Hair Dryer enhances your look by leaving your hair smooth, shiny, and with less frizz. It comes with the smoothing concentrator for precise hair styling and drying in a quite mode. You will get 2-speed settings on it to control heat and U-shaped air inlets to improve drying time. It produces 1600 watts heat and triple ceramic coating provides optimal heat without damaging hair.

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  1. MHD Lightweight Mini Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

This dryer includes DC motor, 1000 watts of power, and low noise feature. MHD Lightweight Mini Hair Dryer has the ionic technology and airflow concentrator for precision styling on straight, smooth hair. It also has two wind speed button, cool shot button, removable rear filter, and 1.8m cord with hanging loop. These features make this hair dryer convenient for creative styling. This lightweight dryer is only of 12 ounces. Its mini volume and compact design make it perfect for travelers.

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  1. PROLISS Lightweight Hair Dryerbest lightweight hair dryer for thick hair

It holds DC motor, 2 airflow settings and 3 heat settings to bring maximum power with ion technology. This unique dryer provides ease for fast drying your wet hair. PROLISS Lightweight Hair Dryer also offers ultimate control and styling results for an elegant look. This lightweight hairdryer is great for all hair types. It includes a concentrator nozzle for perfectly smooth hair. So, get this wonderful hair dryer to dry your hair with precision styling.

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How Will You Use a Hair Dryer

  • After washing your hair, make it half-dry by using a towel.
  • Apply a heat protecting spray on your half-dried or damp hair to protect from heat damage.
  • Set a round brush to the roots of the hair and start blowing by moving it around continuously.
  • Spray the heat by keeping the dryer about 6-inches away from hair.
  • Keep blowing until your hair is completely dry.
  • Use high, low or medium speed buttons for different levels of heat.
  • Use the variety of brushes and combs to achieve different hairstyles.
  • In the end, use the cool shot button to set the style.
  • If you just want to remove humidity, use the low heat setting to avoid over-drying.

Here’s What You Should Maintain During Blow Drying

  • Use the blow dryer on your half-dry hair to avoid damaging and electric shock.
  • Comb your hair by using the fingers to get the lift and volume after the blow-dry.
  • You should roll the brush down to the ends by putting it at the roots.
  • You should put hairspray from a distance which will allow for even distribution. Otherwise, it will actually build up in one area.
  • Use naturally made boar bristle brushes to execute blow-drying. Besides, use bigger brushes for your thick and long hair.
  • Set a nozzle on the blow dryer to spray the heat in the specific portion of your hair.

Some Things You are Supposed to Know About Hair Dryers

  • A blow dryer of 1300 to 1875 watts is great for anyone to use at home.
  • The blow dryers with a higher wattage are wonderful for thick and curly hair, they are more expensive though.
  • Do not blow on the same part of the hair for too long rather keep the dryer moving while blowing.
  • A hair dryer of ceramic and tourmaline technology can combat frizz & retain needed moisture.

People had to wait over the last 70 years to get a portable, lightweight, and high-wattage hair dryer. But I think, you won’t have to spend so much time to get your best hair dryer. Just click on the ‘Buy it from’ text which is given below the product to begin purchasing.

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