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How to increase collagen naturally

10 Best Ways to Increase Collagen Naturally

Collagen is the most important element of the skin. You cannot think about the healthy skin without collagen. It is a fundamental ingredient that keeps the skin elasted, shiny, glowing, plump and supple. Collagen is the rejuvenating thing against the aged skin.

But, the amount of collagen starts to decline with your getting old. As a result, your skin starts to be thinner with decreasing of collagen. Also, your shiny surface becomes faded due to less collagen. Your neighbors judge you less beautiful than before you were. Then you feel depressed yourself.

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Thus, you should know how to increase collagen for skin. There are many ways to increase skin collagen in your body. The ways can be divided by the two moods. Those moods are the adapting of natural methods and the using of reproduced ingredients. Here I prefer the natural part to the artificial part. If you want to increase collagen in your body naturally, look out the following 10 best ideas.

  1. Eat the Right Foods

Eating the right foods is one of the best ideas to increase collagen in the skin naturally. All foods do not work for collagen. You can take salmon fish, catfish, tuna fish. Plus, the orange, watermelon, strawberries, cherries, grapefruits, lemons, limes etc. More, the red peppers, red tomatoes, red beets, carrots, red cabbage. Also, the spinach, kale, broccoli, cauliflower, green peas, beans etc.

If your choice is beverages, then green tea, white tea, beer, red wine, and soy milk for you. You can also drink the different types of fruit juices for collagen. These foods contain the collagen nutrients, like antioxidant, vitamins, protein, sulfur, fiber, zinc etc. Hence, go through this natural way to reserve the sufficient collagen in your body. You can try it: Mykind Organics Organic Plant Collagen Builder

  1. Do ExercisesHow to increase collagen naturally

Exercise is the most needful to the overall health. Exercises make your body energetic, where the collagen gets a supportive environment to increase its amount. Plus, exercise is one of the key procedures that improve the blood circulation in the body. But, the high-impact exercises may waste the collagen.

Therefore, I mention here several types of light exercises. Those are the walking, cycling, rowing machine, tai chi, rock climbing, yoga, swimming, etc. There are more, like snowshoeing, ballroom dancing, cross-country skiing, golf etc. So, practice some of those light exercises at your own choice to keep you younger. The book is for you: Younger Next Year Exercise Program

  1. Stay Tension Free

Stress is mainly responsible for decaying the collagen. Because, when you are under stress, your body generates the primary hormone called cortisol that stimulates collagen falling. So, lead a happy life and stay in relax. Make an effort to do beneficial something.

Try to keep yourself pressure free. Besides, you can share your problem with others to get some suggestions to solve that. If you find no idea on how to stay tension free, then read this book: The Relaxation and Stress Reduction Workbook

  1. Stop Drinking AlcoholHow to increase collagen naturally

All the alcohols are bad for the skin. Alcohols dehydrate you and any amount of alcohol is harmful to collagen. If you drink daily too much alcohol, you may face early aging. Alcohol contains soda, and soda causes the early aging. Energy drinks contain a high amount of caffeine and sugar. The sugar-containing drinks are the threats to the collagen production naturally. So, stop drinking alcohol to increase collagen that keeps your look soft and smooth. Read this book to know: How to Stop Drinking Alcohol

  1. Keep Yourself Sun Protected

Sun exposing is one of the environmental skin damaging reasons. Harmful UV radiation works as a reverse factor in collagen production. As a result, the sun damaged skin produces comparatively less collagen than the sun unexposed skin.

The excessive effect of UV rays can dehydrate your body. Then the existing collagen becomes weaker. So, keep the body always hydrated by hiding you from the sun rays. It will be favorable for the collagen production. See some good quality SPF products:

  1. Avoid SugarHow to increase collagen naturally

Eating too much sugar is really bad for collagen. Sugar support a destructive cycle that destroys the collagen structure. Moreover, it contains glucose that makes the collagen thicker. As a result, collagen becomes inflexible, which is the cause of skin aging. The ketchup, chocolate milk, flavored coffees, protein bars, cereal bars, candies, jams, ice creams etc contain more sugar.

Therefore, you should avoid those sugar-containing foods to protect your skin. You can use some sugar alternatives, like honey, molasses, brown rice syrup, date sugar and coconut palm sugar. It will be better for collagen production. See some sugar free sweetener:

  1. Drink Enough Water

There is no any other substance like water to keep your body hydrated. Your body needs plenty of water to produce collagen. Hydrating of the skin is the easiest way to boost up collagen. When the body is hydrated, collagen gets a suitable environment to flourish itself.

If you drink adequate water every day, you will get a desirable appearance with the healthy skin. Therefore, keep yourself hydrated. Your body will produce the more amount of collagen by using that water. See some purified drinking water:

  1. Do ExfoliationHow to increase collagen naturally

When you exfoliate your skin, it removes the old and dry skin cells. The exfoliating also offers a new skin with the strong collagen. So, adapt only this easy system to produce the collagen naturally. Without exfoliating, you cannot fulfill your skin caring purpose. Besides, you can get a clear and fresh skin by exfoliating the dead skin.

To exfoliate your skin, you can use some home remedies, like cucumber paste, lemon juice, and yogurt. You also can use the exfoliating products at your own choice. See some exfoliating products:

  1. Give up Smoking

Smoking produces toxic chemicals that destroy the collagen rapidly. That toxic chemical may also be harmful to the appropriate environment, wherein the collagen increases its amount. Besides, the smoking is responsible for producing the harmful factors. Those factors break down the existing collagen in the skin.

Therefore, if you want to boost up the collagen in the skin naturally, give up smoking. If you cannot give up smoking, you can read this book ‘Allen Carr’s Easy Way To Stop Smoking’.

  1. Use Natural ProductsHow to increase collagen naturally

You will get the different types of anti-aging products in the market. The different products are the creams, serums, oils, lotions, packs, masks etc. But be careful in choosing of your skin caring products. You should use the natural products using the chemical infused products instead. The chemical containing products can destroy the collagen. You should use the natural product to get a younger look.

So, I would say you, please try the natural home remedies which support the collagen production. Or, use the natural products that really work for collagen. See some natural collagen products:

In the last phase, I request you to follow those natural ways. They will help you to increase the collagen for your skin. The above natural strategies will be more beneficial in increasing the collagen naturally. So, adapt those 10 best natural ways to produce more collagen for your skin.

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