10 Best Collagen Boosting Vitamins (2023)

The more vitamins in the body, the more collagen in the skin. Because the important layer of the skin dermis originates from vitamins, collagen is a key protein for healthy skin. The basic skin rejuvenating ingredient keeps the skin elastic, glowing, and plump.

Though collagen carries beautiful skin, it doesn’t support retaining your youthful complexion at a certain time. Because the collagen level starts decreasing with getting older. Less collagen leaves you with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Collagen deficiency makes your skin looser.

Anyway, boosting the collagen for your skin is possible. It is simple and easy. Providing the vitamins into your body is the simplest and easiest process to boost the collagen in the skin. Look for the following 7 collagen boosting vitamins necessary for collagen production.

Top 10 Collagen Boosting Vitamins

1#. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is important for the creation of collagen. This vitamin contains antioxidants, which are essential for collagen production. Vitamin C is a vital molecule for the skin’s health. It is involved in every step of the collagen manufacturing process. This vitamin is one of the key factors that play a vital role in collagen production.

So, the formation of collagen is badly dependent on vitamin C. Some foods, like leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, tomatoes, peppers, berries, and cauliflower, contain high vitamin C. You should take these foods to get vitamin C. Besides, you can use the products infused with vitamin C to boost collagen.

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2#. Vitamin A

Vitamin A

Vitamin A produces enzymes that stabilize the production of collagen. It has a retinoid that encourages the reconstruction of collagen. It reveals new skin underneath by removing the dead cells from the top layer of the skin. In addition, this vitamin promotes tissue synthesis and grows new blood vessels. It also repairs the cells for energetic skin.

Foods like carrots, green leafy vegetables, yellow fruits, enriched margarine, and liver contain vitamin A. Besides, milk, butter, cheese, egg yolks, etc., are the rich source of this vitamin. You can also take red bell peppers, pumpkins, mangoes, squash, and sweet potatoes for vitamin A. You can use vitamin A products to boost the collagen in your skin.

About Vitamin A

  • This vitamin A supplement provides 25,000 IU per softgel, a very high potency dose. Vitamin A is sourced from fish liver oil.
  • It is intended to support eye health, immune function, and maintenance of tissues. The product is non-GMO, gluten-free, and made in the USA.
  • Multiple reviews mention improvements in skin health, suggesting this high vitamin A dose may help with acne.
  • Some customers took this supplement under medical guidance to treat severe acne.
  • A few reviewers described side effects like headaches, dry skin, and nausea at the recommended dosage. Start low and increase slowly if you try this supplement.

Overall, this vitamin A supplement appears effective for some people with acne but requires caution due to its ultra-high potency. It’s best taken under medical supervision to avoid potential adverse effects from overdosing.

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3#. Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is essential in the reconstruction of collagen. This vitamin works as a necessary factor in collagen production. It keeps your skin hydrated, moist, and firm. This vitamin contains an effective antioxidant that fights against free radicals and prevents premature ageing.

The food sources of vitamin E are nuts, dairy products, sunflower seeds, vegetable oils, grains, etc. Avocado, olives, soybeans, dark green vegetables, and oats are also sources. Eat these foods to meet the demand for vitamin E. Besides, apply vitamin E-containing products to boost collagen.

You can also take vitamin E supplements. But don’t take this without the counselling of your doctor.

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4#. Vitamin D


The existence of toxins is harmful to collagen production in the skin. Vitamin D can reduce this toxin in your body. This vitamin is also suitable for skin tone. It declines cortisol levels and stress, too. So, enhance the vitamin D level and leave your skin to produce more collagen.

There are three main ways to get vitamin D. They are eating vitamin D-containing foods, using vitamin D-infused products, and sun exposure. Mushrooms, dairy, milk, cheese, etc., are the best sources of Vitamin D. Besides, this vitamin is found in fish like salmon, tuna, and cod. You can get the benefits from vitamin D-containing products.

You can also take vitamin D supplements. Before taking this, take the advice of your doctor.

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5#. Vitamin K

Vitamin K

Vitamin K is essential in skin care. This vitamin is a natural ingredient that helps boost collagen in the skin. It does not only help to increase collagen but is also suitable for skin elasticity. So, you should ensure the vitamin K in your body.

The food sources of vitamin K are milk, cheese, egg yolks, kale, collard greens, green leafy vegetables, etc. Cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts, turnip greens, cereals, and liver are also rich sources. But, if you do not want to eat these foods, you can use vitamin K-containing products.

You can also take vitamin K supplements. Before taking this, take the advice of your doctor.

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6#. Vitamin H (Biotin)

Vitamin H (Biotin)

Vitamin H is a water-soluble B-complex vitamin. It is called vitamin B7 and biotin, which plays an important role in collagen production for the skin. Some foods contain vitamin H, like wholemeal bread, liver, peanuts, cheddar cheese, salmon, and sardines. The richest sources of vitamin H are avocado, raspberries, bananas, mushrooms, cauliflower, and egg yolk.

Therefore, fill the biotin level and give the scope for your body to produce collagen for your youthful look. Besides, many products are made with vitamin H. Use those biotin-containing products you choose.

You can also take vitamin H supplements according to your doctor’s advice.

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7#. Vitamin B Complex

Vitamin H (Biotin)

Vitamin B Complex holds 8 types of vitamins. But, all types are not for collagen boosting. Only the 4 types of this vitamin are beneficial for collagen. The skin-beneficial part of the B complex vitamin is mentioned below:

Vitamin B2

The ingredient riboflavin is found in vitamin B2, which is crucial to the proper growth of body tissues. It is well-known as the anti-pellagra vitamin for its powerful antioxidant. B2 refreshes the red blood cells. It also increases circulation and oxygenation in the body.

Mackerel, eel, herring, eggs, shellfish, wild rice, dried peas, and millet are the sources of vitamin B2. You also take sunflower seeds, beans, dark leafy green vegetables, Cabbage, carrots, apples, figs, and berries for B2. Add these to your diet list to get vitamin B2. There is another way to boost collagen in the skin: vitamin B2-included products.

You can also take vitamin B2 supplements according to your doctor’s advice.

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8#. Vitamin B5

Vitamin B5


Vitamin B5 increases the synthesis of all components of skin collagen. It regulates the skin’s protective outer layers and repairs the damaged skin. It is a water-soluble vitamin that absorbs the moisture from nature to keep your skin moist.

The best vitamin B5 foods are yoghurt, chicken liver, salmon, avocados, and sun-dried tomatoes. You can also add broccoli, mushrooms, cauliflower, and sunflower seeds for vitamin B5. Take these natural foods to meet the demand for B5. You can also use products made with vitamin B5.

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9#. Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin that helps collagen to increase its amount. It also works in nourishing the skin cells. Foods like beef liver, starchy vegetables, and some non-citrus fruits are the source of vitamin B6. You can eat them for vitamin B6. Moreover, you can use some collagen-boosting products to boost collagen in the skin.

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10#. Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

Vitamin B9 (Folic Acid)

Folic Acid is essential for better skin. The source of this acid is vitamin B9. You can find this vitamin in natural food items and vitamin B9-infused products. The good source of vitamin B9 is peas & lentils, cauliflower, seeds, nuts, okra, avocado, etc. Also, beans, citrus fruits, broccoli, asparagus, dark leafy greens, etc. Moreover, many collagen boosting products have been made for your use, infused with vitamin B9.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Some frequently asked questions about collagen boosting vitamins:

What are collagen boosting vitamins?

Collagen boosting vitamins are supplements that contain nutrients like vitamin C, zinc, copper, and vitamin A. These vitamins help support collagen production and maintenance in the body. Collagen is a structural protein that helps give structure and elasticity to skin, joints, bones, and other tissues.

What vitamins help boost collagen?

Some of the main vitamins and nutrients that support collagen production include:

  • Vitamin C – Helps stimulate collagen synthesis and provides antioxidant protection. Food sources include citrus fruits, berries, peppers, and broccoli.
  • Vitamin A – Supports cell growth and renewal. Food sources include sweet potatoes, carrots, spinach, and eggs.
  • Zinc – Required for collagen formation and enzyme activity. Oysters, nuts, seeds, legumes, beef, and chicken are good sources.
  • Vitamin E – Has antioxidant effects that protect collagen. Found in plant oils, nuts, seeds, wheat germ, and leafy greens.
  • Biotin – Plays a role in amino acid metabolism needed for collagen production. Eggs, fish, meat, seeds, and nuts contain biotin.

When should I take collagen supplements?

Taking collagen supplements in the morning on an empty stomach or at least 30 minutes before eating is generally recommended. This allows the collagen to be fully absorbed and not broken down by digestive enzymes from food. Taking supplements consistently is also important, as results are cumulative over time.

How long does it take for collagen supplements to work?

Research shows it can take 2-3 months of daily supplementation to notice significant improvements in skin elasticity, firmness, and hydration from collagen. Benefits like joint relief may take longer, around 4-8 weeks.

Are collagen supplements safe?

Collagen supplements from common sources like fish, eggshells, or bovine hide are generally safe. However, some can be allergic to eggs or fish, so plant-based collagen or a formula without those ingredients may be preferable. Those with food sensitivities need to check labels carefully when selecting supplements.


Finally, these best collagen boosting vitamins will certainly be helpful in collagen production in the skin. To enhance collagen by vitamins, add those vitamin-containing foods or supplements to your daily diet. Or, use those collagen-boosting products, which are infused with skin-benefited vitamins.

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